Did you know: Homeowner insurance discounts can be up to 20%. Just think, you can get the protection and peace of mind that comes with having a monitored security system and it may not cost you a penny more than what you're currently paying to your insurance company.  

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  • We are a local company dedicated to providing the best security value to both home and business
  • We have lowest price of any company.  Most companies want $30 or more per month and they still charge several hundred dollars to have it installed.  Our installation charge is $149 for a basic system, our monitoring rates start at $17.95/mo.
  • We do not require long term contracts.  Many companies make you sign a 3 year or longer contract and will not let you out of it.  We know that sometimes people move or loose their jobs and they sometimes need to cancel their contract.  All it takes is a phone call.  There are no cancelation fees and we won't keep billing you.
  • You own the equipment.  Believe it or not, the largest security companies still own the equipment they install.  Read their contracts carefully, it is in there.  You may pay for years, but it is still their property.  If you try and cancel in the middle of your contract, they can come remove the equipment or put a lien on your house.  Usually they just send you a bill for several hundred dollars and hope you pay it to protect your credit.
  • We have over 35 years combined job experience with major security and fire alarm companies.  We saw first hand how they lacked in customer service, so we started our own company to give people a better choice.  We have installed and serviced equipment in small houses to large corporations, such as GM, Fina, Guaranty Bank, Bank of America and many others.
  • We are licensed in both security and fire alarm technologies.
  • We are a BBB Accredited Business
  • We don't have a multi million dollar advertising budget or thousands of employees to have to pay, so we keep our prices low.
  • Our systems, whether they are burglar alarms, camera systems, access control systems, etc.. are installed correctly so that service calls are almost unheard of.  We have customers that have several thousands of dollars worth of security equipment that have been installed for years and have never had an equipment related service call.
  • If you need security system service, you get a technician with several years of experience, not someone that was hired yesterday.



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