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A recent Connecticut study concluded that:

12 percent of the burglaries occurred though an unlocked door.

41 percent of homes with alarm systems that were burglarized, did not have the alarm turned on.

Homes without security systems are three times more likely to be burglarized than homes with security systems.

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Need for home securityCrime is on the Rise

With a rise in unemployment comes a rise in burglaries.  According to the FBI, a burglary occurs about every 14 to 15 seconds.  Are you at risk for a burglary? The unfortunate answer is yes.

You can do something to help protect yourself though.  It is a fact. Many burglars are scared off just by the presence of a home security system.

Statistics show that if you have and use a monitored home security system you are 3 to 5 times less likely to be burglarized than a home without a home security system. 

Check out the crime statistics for the local area.

Insurance Discounts

Most insurance companies give a discount on homeowner policies for having a monitored home security system.  Some give an even greater discount for having smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors as part of your home security system.

The good news is you can do something to keep these intruders out with the installation of a Dallas home security system with 24 hr monitored electronic security and/or a video security system.

There are also many other ways to secure you home and protect your loved ones including using deadbolts on doors, trimming shrubbery around your home, installing lighting around the outside of your home, even buying a dog can help.

Home Security Tips

Cheap Alarm Monitoring with Month to Month Contracts


DFW area Homes Without Existing Security Systems

home security and peace of mindA 24 hr home security  system is an investment for your peace of mind. In general, a home security system is available for any budget. Costs do vary depending on which home security features you need. 

At Automated Interiors you can get a basic state of the art system for $199.  A basic wireless alarm system for $299.

We charge $17.95/month for phone line monitoring.  $22.95/month for internet or cellular monitoring.

Call today or click on the following link to get a FREE security evaluation of your home by one of our Home Security Experts.

DFW area Homes With Existing Security System

If your home has an alarm system in it, we can probably reprogram the panel to call our monitoring center.   We would have to examine your system to confirm. 

We charge the same -  $17.95/month for phone line monitoring - $22.95/month for internet or cellular monitoring.

We do require a 3 month payment upfront.

                                                                                    Free Security Evaluation

Control your Security System from your iPhone or Android phone

iPhone controlWhether you are lying in bed or across the world you have complete control of your Dallas security system.

By using any internet capable computer or mobile device, you will be able to:

  • Check the current status of the system
  • Change the status by arming or disarming the system
  • View a log of all events that have taken place.
  • Get notified of events

Just think about the peace of mind you could have when at work you are notified that loved ones made it home on time. Also know that they have re-armed the system.  

You could disarm the system for a neighbor to drop off a package then re-arm knowing that your home is secure.

You could get immediately notified by text, email, phone call or any combination thereof the instant any event occurs on the system. Notifications can be sent to any mobile device. 

System interaction is available to users with iPhone and Android devices and by using the virtual keypad on their branded dealer portal.

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Reduce the Cost of Home Insurance with Home Security

Save money on your home insurance.  Some insurance discounts can be up to 20 percent. Ask you insurance agent. 

This means that you could have the peace of mind of having a monitored home security system, and not have to pay more than you are already paying your insurance company.  You could have almost free home security service.  At least you could have cheap alarm monitoring.




Want to check at home and see .....  

home security systems

• If the kids get home on time
• Nanny or babysitter in charge
• Pets: Naughty or nice
• Who’s at the door
• Who’s in the driveway
• Safe, gun or liquor cabinet accessed
• Cleaning and other home service comings and goings
• 2nd home/vacation house  

Now, you can automatically be kept in touch via phone or email,  anytime there’s an alarm reported by your Video Security System. Or, simply check in yourself, anytime, anywhere right over the internet. View video as it happens or store it for later review.

Camera Security System

Get a 4 camera system installed for $999*

Get a 8 camera system for $1,499*

Get a 16 camera system for $2,199*

*Basic System Pricing.  Upgrades available.  There are extra charges for 2 story and other installation difficulties.


Text the word "security" to 41242 for our camera system specials

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