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Security Company Dallas Security is a Must

In fact, crime is increasing. A home is broken into about every 15 seconds, according to the FBI. We all have the idea that crimes will happen to anyone but us. It can happen to you, there is a risk for everyone.

You can do something about it. Measures can be taken to help prevent you from being one of the statistics. For more tips on Dallas home check out our Security Tips .

With a Dallas Security Company like Automated Interiors you can have professional security company protecting your home or business and get the peace of mind that comes with it.

A professional Dallas security company will have several ideas on how effectively meet your security needs. DFW Home or Business security doesn't have to be expensive and complicated.

Call today for a Free Security Evaluation.

DFW home security monitoring shouldn't be expensive either. Our rates start at $17.95 for residential or commercial with month to month contracts.

Leave Dallas Security and Go to Home Security

Business Secuiry SystemHaving a security system for your business with a Dallas Security Company will greatly reduce the chances of burglary. A professional Dallas Security Company can supply a wide variety of options for your business security including, surveillance cameras, and alarm systems with motion sensors, electronic locks ,access control systems and much more.

Have the experts at Automated Interiors Free Security Evaluation of your Dallas Business Security needs and give you the recommendations that will give you the best business protection at a cost that won't break the bank.

Just like for residential, our security monitoring rates start at $17.95 with month to month contracts!

Leave Dallas Security and Go to Business Security Systems

We have over 35 years combined job experience with major security and fire alarm companies. We saw first hand how they lacked in customer service, so we started our own company to give people a better choice. We have installed and serviced equipment in small houses to large corporations such as GM, Fina, Guaranty Bank, Bank of America and many others.

We are licensed in both security and fire alarm technologies.

Automated Interiors is accredited by the Better Business Bureau of Dallas and Northeast Texas.

Get Home Security Tips from the BBB.


When you get a security system from a Dallas Security Company like Automated Interiors you will significantly reduce your risk of being one of the statistics. For more tips on what you can do to reduce your risk go to our tips section. You can do a lot of things to help increase your security at little or no cost.

It is very important to have a Dallas Security Company evaluate your home for security flaws, so give us a call or click on the link below and get a security evaluation from an experienced company like Automated Interiors.

Automated Interiors Security Services
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