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Why "Free" isn't always no-cost.

Free Security System?

What do you get with a free security system?

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Many companies offer a security system with $0 upfront cost, but is it actually "Free"? 

The free security systems are going to be a very basic alarm system with 2 or 3 window/door contacts and a motion detector. A lot of companies use wireless alarm systems since they can be pre-programmed and installed by inexperienced, low paid technicians. These are adequate for small homes or condos but most houses need more to be adequately protected.

Most companies charge really high fees for any additional equipment. $75 to $100 for a door/window contact and $100 to $180 for a motion, smoke or carbon monoxide detector.

Your free system can end up costing you more than if you just purchased a system from a reputable "non-free" alarm company in the first place.

Read the Contract!!

You have to check the contract and add up all the extra fees they will hit you with. They make it sound as if you are going to get a system for $0 down, but when you go to sign the contract, which is usually for 36 to 60 months or more, they ask for installation fees, connection fees, and more. Some companies will even retain ownership of the free equipment that you pay to get installed. Want to change companies after your contract ends, they can come and rip out the free sytem. Even if you do own it, most of these companies will lock your panel so you can't change companies!

They will tell you that you can control your alarm, adjust your thermostats, view cameras and control lights from your smart phone. What they don't advertise is the fact that this all comes at a price. It will definately cost you more for the monthly monitoring. Some companies add $25 to $50 each month. Your free system with the add ons and added monitoring cost, can cost several hundred dollars more than market rate.

Basically, the free security system is a bait-and-switch scam. They come touting the word "free" but want to get you to pay for add ons and expensive monitoring.

The Bottom Line:

Most regular security companies will charge $200-$400 for what the "free" companies offer for no charge. After that, devices tend to be lower with the non-"free" companies. So for an extra $300-$400 upfront, you get a system that is a lot less vulnerable, is more reliable, last s longer, is installed by the better technicians, and gives you the freedom to shop around for better service and/or a lower monitoring rate.

The Solution: Automated Interiors

We don't offer a "free" security system, but we do give you the best prices available and we are month to month.  You own your system, you can change companies at any time, and we never "lock out" a system. It is your property and I think, unethical to do so.

We offer a basic system installed for $199 and a wireless system for $399.  Monthy rates start at $17.95 for phone line and $22.95 for internet or cellular.  There are additional equipment costs for internet and cellular though.

Already Have a System

A lot of the time, we can reuse your existing equipment if it is not "locked out". Fill out the request for free security evaluation or give us a call and we will be able to determine if we can use your system.

As always, monitoring price is the same. $17.95 or $22.95

Don't throw your money down the drain!

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  • Most security companies make you sign a 3 year to 5 year contract.
  • Most will make you pay extra each month for temperature sensors, smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors.
  • They will have auto renewing contracts that renew for the original term. Some people think that since they have been paying for years that they can get another company, but they find out that it renewed for another 3 to 5 years.
  • Some companies, such as ADT, have in their contract that they retain ownership of the equipment they install in your home.
  • Some companies have been caught using unlicensed, commission-only employees, including students, to sell or install home security systems that they know little or nothing about.
  • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently issued an alert about the increase in security sales scams.

Free Security Evaluation

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Automated Interiors

PO Box 2148 

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 Phone: (972) 948-1913

Free Security Evaluation

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