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Home Security Systems and Window Venting

2When you have a home security system installed, there are things to consider aside from the features, options and cost of that system. Security systems are designed to keep intruders from entering your home but there may be times when you want to open windows or doors while you are at home without actually having to turn the system off.


While most homeowners use their security systems to protect their homes while they are away or during the night, many in cities with higher crime rates feel safer when the system runs all the time, even when everyone is at home. Window venting is an important factor to consider when choosing a home alarm system because it allows you to keep the system armed at all times and still open a window when the weather warrants. The concept simply requires an additional magnet to be placed in windows at each opening that you want to vent. In other words, instead of one magnet on the window that will trip the alarm when someone enters that window, you will have two or more depending on how high you want to raise your windows.


If you have already had a system installed, adding window venting is relatively easy. You can contact the company that installed your system and simply ask them to add those additional magnets on all of the windows that you may want to open while your security system is armed. Many companies may ask you when they install your system if you would like window venting. If you have not yet had the system installed, be sure to inquire about venting when the installer comes to put the system in your home.


It is recommended that venting be placed at openings that will not allow intruders to easily enter. This means that windows should open only about six inches which is not wide enough for someone to enter but plenty wide enough for you to enjoy a nice breeze from outside. This relates to windows as well as sliding doors. You may want to vent your sliding doors as well and you can place these additional magnets on them, being sure that you are only opening them a bit and not enough for an intruder to enter without being detected.


Window venting is not at all difficult to install and if you already have a system in place, it will not be terribly expensive to add this feature. If you have not yet chosen a system, look for one that offers venting and ask your installer when he or she shows up if you can have window venting when the system is installed. It is much easier to put into place during the initial installation but again, it is not a difficult feature to add and takes very little time so the cost should be very minimal even if your system has already been installed before you decide to add this feature. You can contact your home security system company to find out more information about this option and whether or not your system allows for it.


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