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Home Security Tips and Measures for the Smart Homeowner

For a safe and secure dwelling, a smart homeowner needs to be aware of a few basic home security tips to deter thieves and burglars from entering one’s house. During most robberies, the victims are taken by surprise because they believe they have carried out all the necessary security measures: installed alarm systems, locks, dogs and window bars. The big problem is that every home still has a weak point, and seasoned burglars know how to take advantage of a weakness when they see one. Fortunately, these problems are nothing that can’t be remedied. All you have to consider are a few more installations and behavior modifications to make your home a less appealing target for intruders.


First off, you can start with the obvious alarm system installation. We all know how they work. They are installed, activated, trusted people are given the password, and the rest trigger the blaring sound. But there lies the little problem which alarm companies don’t draw much attention to. All of the blaring sounds occur only after somebody has broken in, and maybe dashed off with some valuables closest to the door. Of course, it’s a good thing that the sound alerts people including cops to the scene of the crime. But it doesn’t change the fact that the criminal might already have gotten away with some of your stuff.


That’s why if you want your alarm to really protect you from intruders, they have to know that it is there. You have to display that alarm company notice right outside your house where anybody who passes by can see it. If criminals know that you have an alarm system installed, it automatically makes you a less appealing target. The only thing you have to hide about alarm systems is the wires, so that more daring thieves will have a difficult time finding and disconnecting the wires.


The next tip deals with home security while you’re away. Firstly, as much as possible you should avoid broadcasting any vacation plans on social networking sites, unless the information is shared only to the inboxes of a few select people. Because you cannot be 100% about who gets to read your Facebook status about that trip to Paris, or that tweet about your upcoming Caribbean cruise, a possible robber could realize that your home is the perfect target. He’s going to know that nobody will be there to interrupt his breaking in.


If any travel plans you have happen to be publicized through the newspaper, a wedding or a funeral perhaps, ask your neighbors for help or hire a house sitter. Your neighbors can use your garbage cans while you’re away, and adjust your telephone ring to the lowest volume. Smart burglars will immediately notice an unanswered phone as one sign that nobody is in the house.


Next, you should think about where to keep your house key, or the spare key. Forget that doormat, door frame and flowerpot; they’re probably within the first five places anybody will check. You might be thinking that putting your key in an obvious place makes it more convenient on your part, but you’re also increasing the chance that you will be robbed. For better home security, leave your spare key with a trusted neighbor. If you don’t have one nearby or if you’d still prefer hiding it, be creative. Wrap your key in a piece of foil or put it in a 35 mm film can before burying it somewhere on the grounds.

These are just very few examples of how you can improve your home security, and deter possible burglars from targeting your house. It might seem like a load of additional work, but being safe is always better than being sorry.

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