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Simple Home Security Tips to Keep in Mind

What makes certain homes so appealing to burglars, and which ones tend to discourage them? Seasoned burglars are experts in looking for weaknesses in your home security so that they can use these to break in. As the homeowner, you should make sure that any thief who targets your home will have a hard time getting in and even if he does get in, you should make sure it will be hard for him to go unnoticed.


First, check your lighting both indoors and outdoors. Keep your home safe by planning the lighting scheme in your outdoor area. Keep lights on in important places such as pathways or the patio. It is also a good idea to put lights in “hidden” places, such as a bunch of bushes where a robber can easily crouch and hide. Motion detector lights are safer choices than the usual kind, but leave some static bulbs for certain places. Make sure you don’t burn out the bulbs. It is also a good idea to use a timer to turn your lights on and off, especially when you are away. By doing this, you discourage burglars who are looking for vacant homes they can target.


Always trim trees, bushes, or shrubs near doors or windows so that intruders will not have much cover. Next, always activate your home security system, even when you are not away. As much as possible, the type or brand of your security system should not be publicized, because thieves will know how to deactivate it, especially if they aren’t amateurs. You should also bury or hide phone lines or alarm wires so that intruders will have difficulty disconnecting them.


If you have gates or fences, take care to secure them with locks. Metal gates or fences are the best because opening them is likely to create some noise, which is off-putting to intruders. When it comes to doors use metal ones or doors made out of firm wood. Make sure that the door frame contains a lot of hinges or deadbolts and is attached to the security system.


Spare keys are also an important part of home security. Remove all your keys from supposedly undisclosed outdoor locations and entrust your spare to a neighbor or two. Forget those flowerpots, or doormats. Seasoned thieves know that they are the first places they should look into. Be creative with where you hide the keys to your home. Next, have a neighbor help you collect the mail and use your garbage cans whenever you are away. This, of course, creates an illusion of occupancy and deters intruders from labeling your home as a target.


Lastly, you should make it hard for thieves to locate your valuables, the very things they are after. In any case, there are five places where you should NEVER put your valuables, and lots of people probably use these places without knowing that thieves are already aware of these supposedly “secret” places. These locations are: the master bathroom, the dresser drawers, the nightstand, closet, and underwear drawer. Once again, be creative when it comes to hiding your valuables. The essence of home security is making sure that any intruder will have a very difficult time accomplishing what he wants to do when he is in your territory. It might seem like a lot of work to do, but the results are worth it.

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